A week in R&D- in a hot july week

Spent a week working on a piece of new writing form an amazing writer, and this isn’t usual what was usual, was the alchemy of the room between the text the actors the writer and the director,

It was nice to be in a rehearsal room where all the elements were on a level, even disruption was absorbed by the no nonsense breathing space that we created and what a script it is,

The magic in a moment, when the writer found a way ¬†to articulate race was special….he described the way i have felt as someone who is black or of colour or different looking (how ever you want to put it ),

He articulated ….The point of being looked at in a space ..the subtle alienation you can have felt but you’re ¬†expected to ignore it or even worse your told its just your imagination,,,,

To that writer, to that young man, to the new father,,, thank you x

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