I Don’t Come Here Often

Someone asked me the other day –  why I don’t have any updates of my current activities or future events,

I felt embarrassed, the same feeling i get when i talk about the work i do,  i shrugged and nearly fell into apology mode…before saying “Its weird” and i’ve been thinking about it,

Maybe its just a polite English thing in one part of my culture, which may be a bit of it. Part of it comes from wanting to have no ego, not to scatter pearls before swine, not to burn crops before they’ve been harvested, not to tell of plans that haven’t not yet been put into action,

There’s a lot of talk and i love talking but there is something about the work speaking for itself, living for a moment, having that shared experience with those you have with and then letting it go,

There’s something really satisfying about that, i must admit that i have a particular allergic reaction to writers particularly poets who take photos of them selves in ‘urban looking areas’  ‘selling’ an image a package. At the same time i look at this website and see pictures of myself and some might argue the same about me,(just note it all about intention)

Plus i think if i was to document every minute i could i would spend so much less time in the present….living

But it’s the ego thing….humility is something precious as it is one of the energies that feeds our connections, the living thing between people, the thing that connects, the unspoken conversations. Now thats the magic and joy of human presence and the brilliance of how many levels we communicate on…..plus when you’re face to face you don’t get the avatar you get the measure of someone


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