internet vibes..don’t let hate dictate your reality

So this is why sometimes my voice gets caught the first nasty kick back from the article in the Guardian, got this email just now…..I think he missed the bit about conversation

SUBJECT HEADER: “I’ve just read your attack on the west”

“You escaped civil war, were allowed to come to this country and yet feel entitled to criticise the country that kept your genitals intact and has supported you. If it’s so bad why don’t you return to your culture?”

Hey but you know if i let knobs dictate my reality i wouldn’t exist…….i replied back very nicely i found a man who was just to scared to engage in conversation and was taken back by me responding….

We create our realities don’t let no one hijack your building equipment but always be willing to share …..

link to article that instigated this email exhange…

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