It been while – Filming by the sea

Don’t don’t why I bother withe website i never update it sufficiently,


Right now I’m looking out at the sea in Sicily, currently working on a script that is filled with humanity, about migrants travelling to Europe,

The world of have and have nots – but always make me wonder who really has and who hasn’t?

Does privilege and opulence make for a better being? I can think this way, there are people who are working on the film who have made the dangerous journey through Africa and on a boat to mainland Europe, one young man told me on set he arrived on a boat to sea with 84 people but only 7 arrived on to land…..The extraordinary thing is he is still standing and smiling, my ignorance couldn’t compute for a moment , I find him and others amazing, but he says he doesn’t remember he can’t allow himself to think upon it,

The individuals that share their stories are open  in heart and countenance  – not in a unreal lets hold hands way but in another texture in another light – they know the value of life?

What makes for a fulfilled human being?

Like the sea outside this window, no matter all the people that have gazed on it, wished upon it, all the human emotions, thoughts, litter, despite everything it still does it thing, it works with the wind and moon,

Maybe  people are like this no matter what is places on us we still get on with it, keep doing our thing

Everything is already created it waits to be found

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