One Woman show “The Crows Plucked Your Sinews”

The above titled piece was a piece i was honoured enough to work on with Hassan Mahamadallie he wrote this piece with such in depth research i felt i had nothing but truth to talk on stage. Which for me makes the world of difference, especially to have a theatre piece that not only tells a great story but honours the true aspect of Somali history,

The most shocking thing i learnt was how no one knew much about Somali culture and history we’re are so bogged down with all the shit about pirates and famine and FGM (things that i have been involved in as an actor/writer before and no doubt will be in the future), that the beauty of this rich culture is unknown. Not only by people ‘outside’  culture but Somali people themselves. Particularly the young who have never seen ‘home’ or been educated in Somali history before the civil war. All they see when they look back into the past and at now is war….how sad, as that is a slither of the reality of this place called Somali. A place i have never been too but i know is in my bones, my features skin would take to its breeze and sun automatically.

Funny i know it’s my home as much as  Manchester is , yet i’ve never been there….


The other thing i noticed is that since i’m not the writer, people would by pass me with some of the more ‘intellectual’ questions in the post-show discussions, This is the first solo performance  i’ve been part of and not been the writer maybe that’s what felt odd? Maybe i’m taking it too personally? Maybe it’s because i’m woman….I think really sometimes it was because there is still a lack of respect for the work of the actor and no onus is placed on the mental agility and work it takes to create and perform lives on stage….also us young females on stage are meant to be the ‘pretty veneers’ the ‘sweet fluff’ to deliver the hard truths…right? (just incase some people might be confused i’m being sarcy)

This will probably tour next year again – please do try and catch it, its a breath of fresh air from other narratives about the other

More info can be found via the Crows website



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