romeo & juliet -Assiatnt directing & a bit of a brain splurge

Last summer i got to assistant direct for/with Walter the new artistic director of HOME which is the new theatre space opening in Manchester a formation between Corner House and the Library Theatre,

It was exciting, it was 6 months ago but I feel I need to update on things,

Quite simply there are very few things better to me than being in a rehearsal room,

There is something that happens when a white educated man speaks people listen, all people tend to listen – even when his choices are from instinct and gut. I loved seeing an artist work from this place in such a free manner, it seems easier if you carry titles no fault of the talented director i worked with. If anything it means his genius is probably more fully realised and isn’t that what we want to see in a piece of theatre?

For years i have felt the responsibility to back my creative instinct & intellect with more intellect, and i mean the intellect that can quote history examples and facts. I think this is because i have been questioned rightly or wrongly in the past for not only my creative choices, but my presence in creative spaces

And you know what…. being in that room reminded me in a glorious way,  that the instinct and gut and intellect that you have has to be enough, that is enough,

For if you have those foundations you will continue to learn and grow your intellect any way…. i hope

I have enough balls figurative speaking and a right  to make those instinctual choices

sometimes I need great theatre spaces to remind me these things, as the challenges don’t stop coming and never do the questioning of a brown girls thoughts it seems:-)


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