Talking At Talks & An Audition

I went on this panel last Wednesday and it was the most difficult open conversation with an audience that I had had in along time.

It was about refugee and asylum seekers and the arts- being a Somali in the arts I was asked to come along, but I wasn’t honest with the audience – therefore I didn’t feel I communicate my argument with the clarity I like to her when I’m listening

What I didn’t say is that it bugs me that I’m an artist and that I’m not seen simply as that (in situations work environments) , there has to be something, some label, some tag and they all seem to highlight a surface attribute…

You want to be whoever you are, and reserve the right to be what ever you want to be….right?



Had an audition on Friday the conversation seems to flow easier these days,

I don’t sit and wait for the answer I try to crack on, clearing the path since the two  little ones need somewhere secure to walk as they grow. Crack on. Crack on.

trust the path is  made of rubble – no firm smooth rocks to hold

Whatever the answer it doesn’t really matter, because the idea is to crack on either way as before, just as now and in the future – trying to work through love



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